Zouk Na Life Secret Spa Experiences

Zouk Na Life Secret Spa Experiences

Top Brazilian Zouk Teachers PICK, You can try their Face Spa, Body & Hair care products to get experienced durling the SBK 2022.
Fri, Nov 4 - Mon, Nov 7, 2022
4:00 PM - 11:00 AM
SBK 2022!!!! Zouk Na Life will offer the hotel room for you to try the special products that top Brazilian Zouk teachers are using and loving!!
Get your guest ticket today!!!

What to expect :
1. Face Spa ($40 worth) Self Treatment
or you can pick one of your interested masks from below
Glacial Marine Mud ($38 worth)
Face Lift ($24 worth)
epoch Yin and Yang mask Detox + Nourish ($24 worth)
2. Take a shower (Please bring your own towel)
Hair Care / Treatment
Body Care/ Scrub Care with Body Lufra
3. After shower Face and Body care
Top BZ teachers favorite product line for face care
4. Foot Care / Whitening Tooth care / Muscle & Joint care
Q & A
Q : How long do I need for one session?
A : Depends what products you want to try. Usually the guest will spend time for 30 min to one hour. Shower time is for 15 min MAX for another trial guest. (If no other guest for that time spot, you can enjoy longer shower time. )
Q: Is the ticket refundable?
A : No, it's not. But you can transfer to your friend or somebody with no cost.
OR you can get all other deals below
Q: How much is the ticket for a trial?
A: Durling the SBK 2022, it is $40 (cash only)
But pre-sales online from here is only $20 (50% OFF)
***You will be invited to our private paid dancers group to see what is open for your trial spot

1. You can join the Zouk Na Life BZ Top teacher's VIP group if you wish. ($20 joining fee is on us)
You can choose one of the VIP groups to join
*Dj Kaka & Julissa
DJ Kakah and Julissa VIP group
*Walter & Larissa (World Travel professors)
Walter and Lari VIP Group
*Paulo & Luisa (World World Champions)
Paulo and Luiza VIP group
2. 20% OFF product order if interested
3. Product give away Raffle


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