1st World Brazilian Zouk Hybrid Social with DJ Kakah in TOKYO JAPAN

1st World Brazilian Zouk Hybrid Social with DJ Kakah in TOKYO JAPAN

1st Tokyo Japan EVENT : HYBRID ZOUK SOCIAL "KIZUNA" with DJ Kakah
Zook Japan United, which was launched in San Francisco in December 2021, is celebrating its first anniversary in Tokyo Japan.
We will set up Hybrid style at this time too, DJ Kakah will play her music from Washington DC very very early morning on Dec 30, between 6:30am to 9:00am
(San Francisco TIME 3:30am to 6:00am, Japan TIME 8:30pm to 11:00pm on same day )
You can connect to DJ Kakah LIVE and Zouk Social in Tokyo from Zoom link.
$10 to join. Please get together with your friends and family and dance Zouk with us. Please connect to Japanese attendees and show your LOVE & Passion too.
Please celebrate our one year anniversary for Zouk Nippon United
Your Donation will be appreciated, too.

Zouk Nippon United 1st year Anniversary Party 2022
December 30th (Friday) @ Zouk Na Life Tokyo Studio Ebisu
Japan Time 8:30pm to 11:00pm Zouk Social Dance Party with the latest zouk music produced by DJ Kakah (She is going to play around 8:45-10:45pm)
Online Participation ticket fee
Party only $10
The first 20 people who purchase tickets will be invited to join a VIP private group of the following top Brazilian zouk artists, dancers and teachers from around the world.
(Registration fee and annual group support fee of $20 will be waived.)
Special information and benefits shared only in the VIP group,
A communication group that connects you to the specialists in the world.
*Dj Kaka & Julissa
DJ Kakah and Julissa VIP group
*Walter & Larissa (scheduled to come to Japan in February)
Walter and Lari VIP Group
* Paulo & Luisa (World World Champions)
Paulo and Luiza VIP group
*Evelyn Magyari
Evelyn Magyari " Let's have Zouk Na Life with Evelyn" VIP group

For those who purchase the 1st anniversary party ticket, we will invite you to a dedicated private group. (Applicants only.)
All communication from event organizers will be done on this group page or by email.
(We will send you the ZOOM LINK before the event)
Please feel free to contact us, anytime.


November 2022